ALERT – Lion Bruce Dugan, PDG  

Athletic – Lion Gary Curtis, PCC

Centennial Coordinator – Lion Cathy Rayfield 

Constitution and Bylaws – Lion Denis Boland    

Convention – District – Lion Donna Jungerman     

Convention – State and International – Lion Jene Crook, PDG    

Cultural and Community Activities – Lion Babette Orlich,

Diabetes Awareness and Action – Lion Ron Ballard

Essay Contest for the Visually Impaired Contest – Lion Jessi Troester, 2nd VDG  

Environmental – Lion Susan Parker-Sellers, PDG

GLT-D Coordinator – Lion Robert Kurth    

GMT-D Coordinator – Lion Alcy Malkmus-Espinoza, IPDG

GST-D Coordinator – Lion Sam Krog  

Hearing Preservation, Awareness and Action – Lion Betty Beason    

Honorary – Lion Susan Parker-Sellers, PDG  

Information Technology – Lion Tom Rayfield, PDG    

International Relations – Lions Ernie and Beth Rosas

LCIF Coordinator – Lion Johnny Stabno, PDG   

Leo Club Coordinator – Lion Scott White   

Lions Services For Children – Lion Julie Goetz

Long Range Planning – Lion Tom Rayfield, PDG   

Marketing Communications – Lion Cathy Rayfield   

MO Lions State Band – Lion Tim Storms   

Peace Poster Contest – Lion Kim Scott   

Reading Action Program (RAP) – Lion Diana Thomas    

Saving Sight – Lion Allen Lohsant   

Sight Preservation, Awareness and Action – Lion Ron McMullin, PCC  

Youth Camp & Exchange Chairperson – Lion Julie Goetz

Youth (Lions Opportunities for Youth) – Lion Julie Goetz


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