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Semi-Permanent District Documents (Click on Document Title)

      District Constitution & Bylaws

      District Expense Claim Form

      2013-2014 District 26-M5 Approved Budget

      District 26-M5 Policy Manual - 2013-2014

     26-M5 PDG Association - 2011-2012 Basketball All Star Game Financial Report       


District Directory (Click on Document Title)

     2013-2014 District Directory - Password Required


District 26-M5 Newsletters (Click on Document Title)

    26-M5 Roaring News - July 2013

    26-M5 Roaring News - August 2013 (Not Published)

    26-M5 Roaring News - September 2013

    26-M5 Roaring News - October 2013

    26-M5 Roaring News - November 2013

    26-M5 Roaring News - December 2013

26-M5 Roaring News - February 2014



District Cabinet Meeting Agenda/Minutes (Click on Document Title)

          District Cabinet Meeting Minutes - August 3, 2013 Meeting - Alphapointe, Kansas City, MO

District Cabinet Meeting Minutes - September 28, 2013 Meeting - St Paul's, Concordia, MO


District Club Excellence Process (Click on Document Title)

    CEP Workshop Overview

    26-M5 Request for CEP Resource Support Form

    Lions Community Needs Assessment

    How Are Your Ratings?


Rose Ceremony Program  (Click on Document Title)

    Recommended Protocols - Rose Ceremony


District Traveling Gavel Program (Click on Document Title)

    Instructions 26-M5 Traveling Gavel Program


    LCI's Tax Exemption Determination Letters (Click on Document Title)


     LCI Determination Letter, December 1940

     LCI Determination Letter, August 1972


Roberts Rules of Order - Email Meetings (Click on Document Title)


     District 26-M5 Rules of Order - Email Meetings


Zone Chairperson Report Form (Click on Document Title)

     LCI Zone Chairperson Report Form 



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